Straddling The Fence by Linda Yates

LindaYates1Taking action and constantly striving for improvement has produced positive results Being raised on the beautiful farmland of south eastern Idaho, I had many occasions to climb over the fence. We had a couple of different types of fencing on our large farm and ranch. When I was small and had to jump over the electric bob-wire fence, I learned pretty quickly how not to touch the fence or I would get an electrical shock. Then as I was getting older, my parents invested in these beautiful white wood fences that were tall enough that the horses couldn’t jump out of and low enough that the calves from the cows couldn’t crawl under. It was the white fence that when climbing over you could straddle and get a higher perspective or sit on the fence and watch what was happening in the corral. NULL

Like the fence there are moments in our life and business where we may be undecided to “cross” the fence, sit on the fence or go back the way we came. There is a saying that is very true, “you’re either sliding or climbing but never staying still.”

Once you have decided to head down a particular path you have begun the commitment process. If we make a commitment and pursue that course of action we will feel like we are climbing because we took the action. When we stop and take no action then we begin to slide. We can always change course but the beauty of that is we are still climbing because of the action.

In my office hangs a picture with the word commitment on it. Underneath the word commitment is the quote, “determination is often the first chapter in the book of excellence.” The picture is one of a runner in the early hours of the morning and set in a wooded rough terrain. The reason I selected this picture was that I knew the endeavor that I was beginning almost four years ago would be hard. There would be days I would want to quit. But the runner reminds me of a goal I had and completed several years ago of running in every state of the country. Because I was determined to accomplish that goal I knew I could draw on the words on this picture of this new adventure I was embarking. Sometimes I may try to straddle the fence but when I do I feel like my confidence is diminishing and my power as well. Taking action and constantly striving for improvement has produced positive results throughout all areas of my life and business. All you have to do is climb the fence and explore the other side.


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