Success Lesson: 1 – Wisdom of the Ages

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There are some things that are unchanged with time, watch this video to understand how the Wisdom of the Ages will change your business and change your life.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.


What is something you dream of achieving that your business can help you realize?

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  1. George Madiou

    Abundance in everything that I do.


      I don’t know how many “favorite” verses of the bible I have but two of them jumped out at me while I was listening to Dale and both of them pretty much sum up what Dale was teaching on here. The first one is Proverbs 4:23. It says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” – NIV. The word “heart” here can also be translated as “mind” but the two concepts are inseparable. Your “heart” is the sum total of your beliefs and the seat of your emotions. Your emotional beliefs are the fountain from which your life flows – PERIOD!

      The second verse is Romans 12:2 and the part that says to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. The ONLY way to renew or change or “transform” yourself is to CHANGE your thinking!

      I have known Dale since about 1997 and his teaching is without equal in this industry! Thanks Dale and George for putting this together!

      1. George Madiou

        Thanks Dave!


      I need to do more abundance in my prospecting. Haven’t been making myself do it. And I know I should be doing it.


      Be prosperity, be abundance, therefore what we share is who we are.

    4. Shane Rodgers

      I was able to review the video on 2/23/21. The information presented by Mr. Calvert is again to me one of importance because as much as I don’t like it he makes me think. The concept of just going out and working hard is one that I know but need to change to work hard smartly. That is overused. I really like the wisdom of the ages concept. I like the concept that this is not for me but to learn and pass onto the group or team members. Learn the steps and outcome of success provided by the past and I will work on reading Think and Grow Rich.

  2. George Madiou

    This looks Great!


      I not sure how to answer this.


    Getting hooked on personal development! Thank you!


    Paying off student loans and other debts.


      Stick to it paying off your student loans and you’re dead is a quite reasonable goal that will be achieved congratulations.GM

  5. Kevin.Owens

    Creating a residual income that I can pass on for generations.


      A very doable dream keep up the good work


    Realizing that I need to get my “Think and Grow Rich” out of the closet!
    Time for a reread.

    Creating an renewable income stream that gives me greater freedom, and to help others get there too!


    While watching this video I realized that I need to apply the wisdom of the ages to my personal development and business. Changing my mindset to work for the benefits of my team was the life changer for me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 3:13


    Becoming debt-free, so I can buy my time back. Utilizing the leveraged & residual income business model my company provides, along with building assets that will continue to grow. I have a true desire to also duplicate the process and systems that are in place to also get them, our team, success as well.


    My vision board is of a can am. But my most important goal is to be debt free. And have income coming in monthly if not weekly.


    Well I think I must of commented in the wrong places. But my nasty thinging is gradually getting better. Sure not going to happen over night.


    Today I shared with one of my team member how I had tried proprecting different and how I liked the way I am doing it. If I did any of my stinking I didn’t catch myself at it.


    I wrote out my 20 reasons and separated out my top 3


    Build a worldwide team of leaders that inspire their teams and families.


    Get married. Build a home. Have children.


    Creating residual income for the generations that follow after me (my daughter, son and grandson and others who aren’t here yet).


    After 20 years of trying to do it alone I now will be trained


    I am looking forward to growing my business and having the freedom to move my family wherever we may choose in the future!


    I agree, wholeheartedly. The believe part is hard sometimes, but once you make a decision to believe, it just works… if you work it. 🙂


    I understand and commit to engage and share these lessons for 30 days and beyond. I have found my purpose and simply it is to serve to empower others and give what is necessary for their success which leads to my own. TGeorge, Dale, Napoleon, Mathew, Will and all contributors for your thoughts, prayers and intent for shared success. Thank you.


    My goal is to have a business I can do from anywhere in the world that gives me financial freedom to travel anywhere and to start a non-profit group in honor of my grandparents.


    I am happy and grateful to come to this family of abundance where I am financially free and are able to leave a life legacy to my family and give to the less fortunate in my community and abroad.


    My goal is to Create Financial Freedom for Myself and Generational Wealth for my generations to come!
    Thanks for give me this opportunity and as stated in the video from the book “Think and Grow Rich”….”What the mind can conceive and believe I can achieve”
    I will Achieve, because I believe I have Conceived!


    I want to get out of debt and totally retire my husband.


    I want to FIRST speak on this lesson of Think & Grow Rich.
    Please bear with me because I am a writer at heart (in my dreams) and I am not known for brevity. When I begin writing about a subject I LOVE, I can’t shut up, but I will try.

    Think & Grow Rich started me on my quest for wisdom. At a time in my life when I needed word & guidance from my Creator, I begged for nothing but truth, universal spiritual truth – not religion – SPIRITUAL LAW. It was the beginning of the age of information through the internet. I had begun to search for anything I could read (because I learn best through reading). I found a website where the owner was selling books and I could afford NONE of them. I was in debt, sick, depressed, even suicidal. Most of all, I was desperate for the truth about life and myself and The Creator, things I could believe in. Nearly every title at this man’s website seemed to be something I’d find value in. I wrote to him. I don’t know anymore what I said, but the result was him giving me EVERYTHING I wanted FOR FREE! And that is when the world opened up for me. Long story short (that part, anyway) began my journey from there in the mid-90s to today, October 6, 2020.

    Think & Grow Rich is born from what I consider mental science and unbreakable universal spiritual laws. I’ve read at least a hundred or more books along the same line – what we THINK, we ARE. As I began to learn the principles taught in every book, I began to examine myself. It was WHAT I thought, my HABITUAL thoughts that went before me to create my life and experiences. My thoughts drew to me the people, situations & circumstances that made up my reality. And my thoughts had been a complete mess. Because it is spiritual law that “As within, so without”, my life and my health could reflect nothing other than what my thoughts & secret feelings created.

    I began to try really hard to change myself, do things differently, so that my life could change. But I was trying in vain to override the subconscious, not “getting it” that I could not create true and lasting change by changing my activities. I found network marketing, thinking that if I made money, my problems would be solved, for the most part. Well, I completely sucked at NM. I went from company to company, failure to failure. But the last company I joined in 2004 was the only one I got involved with that stressed the importance of personal development & reading to pour into my mind so that my mind could fill my purse with gold. I don’t remember whose quote that is, but I’m almost sure I will hear it somewhere here at TNMM. What I figured out is that deeeep change on the subconscious level requires much different beliefs, and beliefs change slowly. At least they did and do for me.

    It took me struggling with serious health issues all my life, and I am STILL not out of the woods. But I think of what I am dealing with now as residual consequences of thought & beliefs I still may have. But I changed within enough to save my own life just 3 years ago.

    You see, I already had been diagnosed in 2003 with an incurable cancer of the blood. And again in 2017, I was diagnosed with another cancer on top of having heart disease & diabetes. What is different with me now is I live in joy. All the things I have fed into my mind has made such a vast difference. I am not rich financially, but I feel there are few people richer than myself spiritually. I am so filled with gratitude and it is THIS and more that I look to share with my team in network marketing.

    Ah, but here is something to know – I only just reentered the NM arena 7 weeks ago. And by all accounts I am a failure. I did not do ANY of the things normal people in normal health is supposed to do as soon as they begin in a NM venture. There is not a single person that I have recruited. I’ve only made a few personal sales. Frankly, the reason is that I am tired. Chronically fatigued and in chronic physical pain.

    But something shifted inside me recently.
    I wrote to the owner of my company and expressed how grateful I am that he created such a thing that empowers women, primarily, and me especially. I expressed being so thrilled every single day with the thought of HIS company’s growth DURING the pandemic that it’s almost the only thing I think about. I have contributed next to nothing to the company’s figures and I am at the bottom of the comp plan, of course, but I actually FEEL inside as if I’m at the top.
    I FEEL as if I will some day speak on his stage at some future event and that I will be a completely different person THEN from what I am this moment. The thought of the people I want to reach and have on my team someday, the lives that will be positively affected keeps me up at night. As if I didn’t already have trouble staying asleep throughout a night, it is worse now. But at least it is for a good reason.

    I am an avid reader, still. I pray the moment wake up, thanking God for the tremendous blessings given me even though I still have major challenges physically and struggle to walk from the cancer surgery. Every morning before I get myself out of bed, I read. Just a couple of days ago I began reading a book that has nothing at all to do with the science of mind (my favorite subject),
    but it is about network marketing and tax benefits of owning a home-based business, written by an accountant who, after having worked with 3,500 network marketers, cannot see anyone NOT doing such a wise thing.

    And so, here I am. I want to be the absolute best that I can be in this industry. I love it even though I have never done much but suck at it. I do know it does not have to be this way for me or anyone. I want to get with it and help myself and other people get involved and do this thing RIGHT. I want to lead people toward a life of joy & satisfaction & business success born from a success within.

    I’ve “talked” long enough. No one would believe I do NOT speak like this using my voice. It’s part of the reason I don’t have more sales or a team yet. But that will change. I expect to continue making internal shifts as I dig into TNMM.

    Thank you, sincerely.


    I do believe that we are the CREATORS of our GOOD, OUR BAD, and OUR UGLY, BUT! It was our ACTION that gave LIFE to OUR results. And that’s the key to OUR GROWTH. If we are to be SUCCESSFUL in whatever we seek we must initiate the ACTION to give LIFE to the REALITY or it, or it JUST remains A THOUGHTS… And that’s where I’ve been since starting Network Marketing LOCKED IN THE BELIEF..Now I can say by doing I’m FREE AT LAST…I should know this some of you may say…and I did, but I didn’t provide the ACTION for I leaned on my own UNDERSTANDING attempting to achieve with limited wisdom.


    I can create a generational residual income for my family, but more importantly I can help to reduce the carbon footprint and at the same time raise $1,000,000.00 for charity while introducing people to our water products.


    I will re-read the Think & Grow Rich book again.

    1. 27 Percenter Coach

      Glad to see you on the system Remalti! Cant wait for you to experience tomorrow’s lesson!


    I am an author and poet at heart so one of my dreams that my network marketing company will help me to realize is spending time writing more books and inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide with my own platform that will help others to be healthy, wealthy and wise.


    So true! So much wisdom here for me to share with others and help them. I really love the Zig Ziglar quote re getting what you want by helping others get what they want. It just resonates and aligns with my values.


    One dream that I have is buying my first home on a lake for me and my family.

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