Success Lesson: 10 – You are Already Successful

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This video will show you why you are already successful, no matter what your bank balance is.



How would you define success for your life?

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    Living my life working towards worthy goals is what success is to me.

  2. George Madiou

    As Dale talks about working toward your goals this is critical and what’s really critical is the word working towards as long as you are putting your energy in that direction this is essential


    Right now I would define success for myself as learning mindset and using it. Setting my goals to make more money and pay my bill off.


    Working towards my current goals and then setting new ones as I achieve my current ones.


    I’ve always measured success as hitting goals I’ve set. Interestingly, the goals I set were mostly things I KNEW I could achieve. The smaller goals were more believable for me so I would just push each way lots of times with little goals. Eventually, I hit goals much bigger than the ones I thought I could achieve when I started. Now, I find myself setting slightly bigger goals towards things that are much bigger. My belief in what I can ultimately achieve has grown and so have my successes. It’s tough for me to set really big goals that I truly believe in. But, I will just keep hitting those smaller believable goals until I achieve the monster ones. Try setting smaller goals that you believe in and just keep doing it over and over until you get to where you want or way beyond.


    Success to me is never giving up. Keep on keeping on towards big goals, by breaking that big goal into smaller goals.


    Success for me right now is to pay off a $250 loan. And next the truck!


    To me success is nothing if not shared. Yes I am always working on self development and self actualization. I am successful in many areas in my life. I achieve anything I put my mind, effort and time into. My goal is to multiply 10x, 100x or as much as humanely possible. This is achieved through leadership with other leaders and being here and doing this is as a goal and part of my success.


    I set daily goals, and hit or accomplished them daily, weekly, and so on. I feel I am successful because I am done with my corporate world job. Still, I have other goals I am working on… this is a bigger goal!


    Dale is right! I AM already successful. I cheated death 5 times, including cancer twice. The latest cancer bout was conquered in joy because I would not let it steal my spirit when it certainly could have. It was the most painful thing ever but I kept my mind on the things I learned during personal & spiritual & mental development. It was the only thing that saved my life, my surgeon said. That was 2 years ago. Although I am still limited physically from the radiation practically destroying my nerves from the hips down, I walk with a cane (and during this pandemic, I only go out to doctors & the pharmacy) but I have started a new business! I have so many wonderful plans for my future. I really do not know another cancer patient like me. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have had cancer of the blood since 2003. It’s incurable but manageable with medication I am to be on for the rest of my life. STILL, I forge ahead. I wake up excited to start my day AT HOME, no commute, no doing anything I don’t want to do. Yep, I am already successful. Thank you, Father!


    Remind me of Eal nightingale quote what the mind can dream and believe it can atchieve. Going for concistent effort to accomplish my dreams and goals.


    Being my own boss and 100% in control!

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