Success Lesson: 101 – How To Get Anyone’s Attention

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Donald Miller talks about keeping people’s attention.

Whether it’s a public speaking event or a marketing email, you need to make sure that your products and services are solving a problem.

Business owners who focus on solving problems are more memorable
than others who only talk about the stuff they’re selling.



What is the problem that your company’s product or service solves?

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    This lesson has given me an idea regarding a subject line for my safelist ads. And what changes I can make to the body of them. Thanks!


    I was writing a content email for my email list about the “Importance of Speed Load Pages”. I set it aside for a day. Went I went back to review it for grammar errors, I realized I did not give any solutions of how to improve the speed of the load pages. Remember If you start with a problem to also give a solution.

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