Success Lesson: 11 – Perfect Business

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Watch Robert Kiyosaki explain why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business to be in if you want to generate wealth.



What is the wealth generating power of Network Marketing?

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    The wealth generating power of Network Marketing is having the ability to build and grow assets. Another term which I think is better is building up other Leaders. I learned form Dale Calvert, this is a Leadership Development Business with a compensation plan attached to it. It doesn’t get any better than that in my opinion.


    Robert is one of the smartest people in the 27%er training contributors. If you’re interested in financial freedom, he is someone to pay attention to.


    The wealth generating power of Network Marketing, is people helping people. Also building leaders.


    Helping people live better lives. Start as a prosumer and gradually build a strong network thru sponsoring. It takes SW (Sweat Equity) + Time equals Success.


    It’s interesting to me… I read his book 25+ years ago and missed some of these major points. He is so accurate in what he says. I’ve been in network marketing for many years and if you just stick it out, you will have a very close to purely passive business. It does work and has for me too. I’m now adding another MLM to my inventory of businesses and that’s why I’m going through this series of lessons. All are good reminders of success and are really powerful if you implement the lessons learned.


    It’s amazing that his self published book that I have read many times is now in 51 languages in 109 countries. He’s changed things up a bit from earlier presentations – S is now small business instead of self-employed and B is for big business instead of just business. I loved his real estate investor friend’s response to his question “Why did you join Network Marketing?” “So people can have a profitable business, earn money, and then they can invest with me” Network Marketing is people helping people to become SELF RELIANT!!!


    Age old strategy to build wealth through human connection and creating success through supporting each other as the investment. The most important asset is you and the interest comes with time, whereas time is the most valuable resource multiplied by perseverance, self development/worth with (w)health as the goal.


    I have learned just in the last 10 years how Network Marketing can be a great vehicle for someone to become a business owner – you are the CEO, with less money needed as to start; you set your own schedule, learn to become a leader, so you can lead others, and help those who are willing to learn the ins and outs of MLM, and show them how to have “freedom” in many aspects of life, in general. A great lesson from R. Kiyosaki!


    Well, we aren’t trading our time for dollars.
    There is the ability to build a team of others where everyone is helping everyone earn more than each could do alone. Leverage. We get to build assets and invest. Our business starts out small but has the potential to become a big business. There is a small entry fee. We get to deduct lots in taxes. NM builds networks of people who do the word of mouth advertising.


    Robert Kiyosaki is incredible! I’ve included his Cashflow Quadrant in my book. I love the comment re: bank manager doesn’t ask for your report card, they ask to see your assets!


    The wealth generating power of Network Marketing is….very little out of pocket investment and overhead. Business can be profitable very quick;y. If built correctly, it can create positive cash flow that can be invested

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