Success Lesson: 110 – “Big Al” on First Sentences

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How to get more prospects to listen to you.
If our first sentence is good, we have a chance.



What first sentence technique will you start practicing in your business today?

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    Today was about your first sentence. It is important to get someone’s attention without sounding like a sales pitch. 

    So be careful what you open up with there are ways to say things that mean the same but sound differently. 

    Big Al used this example: you are on a date and say when I look at you time stands still or you could say you have a face that could stop a clock. 

    It might mean the same thing but expect different results. 

    Being a good listener and asking the right questions can be very beneficial when looking for what a prospect may be in the market for. 


    Being a good listener helps you as a business owner who is in the business of solving people’s problems. When people talk they tend to want to complain, as you listen you will hear their problem which they may not even know they have. Ask them 2 questions. First, do you want to fix the problem, and second how quickly do you want to fix the problem. Thanks, Big Al!

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