Success Lesson: 12 – Entrepreneur vs Career

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This video will explain the life of an entrepreneur and how it is vastly different from that of a standard corporate job. Are you happy with a 9 to 5 job or do you want more?



What key mental makeup do you have that will make you a successful entrepreneur?

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    You have to be willing to sacrifice relationships and personal time in order to be an entrepreneur. You would also have to be willing to take risk and stumble a little financially in order to achieve your goals.


    Being an entrepreneur is available for everyone but it’s not right for everyone Examine what your desires are and go after your Passion because that is what will bring you through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur


    There are pros and cons to both. But with entreprenerur you can work from where ever you would like. Like for me I don’t believe at my age I could physically work at a corporate job and stand on my feet and load trucks like I used to. In my heart I would like to be there but I know I couldn’t do it like I used to. If they would give me the time to build back up maybe but what coropate would do that. And yes their are the times you might not be bringing any money in where in a corporation you are guarteened a pay check if you show up.


    To be a successful entrepreneur, we require the following qualities:-
    1. Mindset
    2. Attitude
    3. Courage
    4. Take Action (Get things done)
    5. Self Discipline
    6. Skill set
    There are more which i may missed out. All these qualities are learnable and teachable.


    I’d often find myself thinking when I’m at church or other family activities about what am I missing in what I do on the “net”. I do enjoy singing the hymns and the socializing aspect of attending church, etc. And I have been known to pull all nighters.


    In my teen years, I spent many hours being an entrepreneur. Then I went to college, the Air Force, and then into Silicon Valley as an engineer joining the corporate world. All along, I had plenty of “outside” projects, some even made money. LOL. But, 27 years ago, I bailed from the corporate world. Even though it was a struggle a number of those year, it was the best decision I ever made. Along the way, MLMs came into the picture. But, until I figured out how to build them the right way, I always spent more than I made. By shifting my mindset on this one, I have been very successul. It has giving me the time and money to allow me to do things I really love. These lessons are excellent and right on the money. Pay attention and do the things they recommend consistently and with persistance and you, too, will have success.


    I want my own business! 🙂


    I have passion to help others become self reliant!


    I have the ability of

    stick-to-it-aness: Verb; Tenacious relentless pursuit of freedom through perseverance, self development, determination and a stubbornness to never quit.

    The ability is quite infectious and is encouraged to spread around for success.

    Yes I have a corporate job and multiple online opportunities that create multiple active and passive revenue streams.


    I was an entrepreneur at an early age – from age 8 till high school- learned a lot about hard work. The more I work, the more I made money. After college, I got into corporate world job, raised kids until I got out 10 years ago; Then MLM came into our lives! Getting out of the corporate world was gave me freedom and happiness! That is why another 10 years passed by so quickly and built that business with my husband was a success! Success at least, we are reaping the rewards. I wish this principle is taught in school so young kids can choose their direction in life!


    I am in the PERFECT position to be the entrepreneur I desire to be and the time is NOW.
    Firstly, I literally cannot have a 9-5 job because of my physical condition and the demands I must meet to visit doctors during the daytime. I would be fired from a 9-5 job because I would have to have so many days off that no employer would allow.
    Secondly, I have someone as my personal assistant right now to help me with my day-to-day needs. This saves me much energy I really lack.
    Thirdly, I have sleep issues, however, it’s ok for the most part because I don’t have to stress about getting up every morning and going to work outside my home.
    Fourth, I cannot have a set schedule. Some days or periods of the day, I cannot function because of the health challenges I face. Being my own boss, owning my own time, I can completely relax when and however long I must.
    Fifth, but not least, since I cannot sleep well through the night, I get to enjoy that time awake when the world is quiet and I can pray and read in peace.
    Those are my recognized blessings.

    To answer the question “What key mental makeup do I have that will make me a successful entrepreneur? Well, I know that whatever I believe, think upon, and feel deeply I can accomplish. I know that my Father lays out my path to success based on those things. I know I cannot and will not fail. I have the belief in myself to do whatever I desire to do. I know the value of personal & spiritual & business knowledge & development which are the foundations of my being, my life, and my entrepreneurship.


    Desire to succeed
    Risk taker
    Basil biz skills


    The excitement and reward of being an entrepreneur far outweighs the risk of losing a ‘corporate job’!


    The key mental makeup I have that will help me to be a successful entrepreneur… extraordinarily will to win! Even in failures, I get back up and keep fighting

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