Success Lesson: 120 – How to THRIVE Through Change by Scott Welle

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Are you experiencing change in your life?
We are brought up perceiving change as a threat.



What is the change that is working in your life?

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    We’re going through a lot of change right now and people are struggling to deal with it.   

    Change is not going anywhere so we have to find ways to adapt to it.

    We are all fearful of change but we must find ways to move past it.

    Here are 3 ways to embrace change

    1. Embrace the change, actually lean into embracing it head on and take on the   attitude that you know you can get through it. So I must meet change head          on.

    2. Rally with other people around you to find the help you might need to get past the change that you may find challenging. In spite of the change we still must find a way of getting what it is that we want. 

    3. See the big picture tell yourself that there are better things on the other side if you can get past this temporary ruff patch.

    Eventually the change will begin to feel natural… 

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