Success Lesson: 121 – Leadership by Coach Steve Dailey

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You have been leading your whole life.
Leadership is influence.



Are you keeping your business a secret?

Are you telling everyone you know and meet, that you’re open for business?

Are you a manager or a leader?

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    First I must recognize that leadership is very important in Network Marketing

    What I really want to be in be a influencer and that requires leadership

    So what I want to do is lead by example and that requires action

    Don’t keep your business a secret let everyone know that you’re in business whether they would be interested or not.

    Ask if they would be interested in your business or if they knew someone that might be interested this is a good example of influence and leadership.

    You can not build a business and keep it a secret talking about your business to everyone you know is incredibly important.

    Don’t make the mistake of confusing management and leadership

    Be nosy about your business excited about what you are doing in the business and do not keep your business a secret. 

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