Success Lesson: 127 – Coach Steve Dailey on Mindset

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Get a pen and paper
Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset



Did you do Coach Steve’s assignment?
Which type of mindset do you have?
In which areas?

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    I must always maintain a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset.

    The difference between all other living things and humans is we have the power of choice all others animals don’t’.

    If I learn how to exercise that space called choice I will make better choices when making decisions about what I do.

    I must have a growth mindset to continue my journey as a successful internet marketer.

    I have to find out what I am good at and what I have to work on. 

    My online marketing skills are in email marketing that is how as of this post I have sponsored 626 people into AAI using email and 2 social networks.

    What I have to work on is Youtube and Google marketing. I am already working on that now.

    I have a plan to get better at the things I am not good at, this is where the NMAS comes in at.

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