Success Lesson: 128 – Mindset by Terri Levine

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The mindset for an entrepreneur is contained in a person with the right frame of mind to deal effectively with whatever they encounter each day in their business.
If you believe in yourself, your company, your
products then you’ll be resilient.
You don’t give up and run to the next best thing when things get tough



With your business, ask yourself, “what’s working?

What’s not quite not right yet?”

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    Notes from today’s lesson

    The people that are doing well in business are the ones that have the right mindset. I must have the right mindset to deal effectively with whatever may come up in my business.

    If I believe in the products that I represent and the services that I provide I will be ok when the pressure arises and have the willpower to keep going.

    I must give myself a gut check and ask myself what I need that would benefit me right now and what things I have to learn.

    I must focus my attention on what is working for me and improve on it.

    I also must work on knowing what isn’t quite working yet…

    I will and must remember that I create my own luck 

    The way to really get ahead is to become a gaver, always trying to help others and not worry about compensation. This will help me grow as a business builder.

    I have to develop a growth mindset to continue to grow my business.

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