Success Lesson: 129 – Getting Started by Coach Steve Dailey

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How long have you been in your business?
Just started?
Been in for __ years?



Have you taken the time to go through the 5 step process of Getting Started properly in your network marketing business?

What was your biggest takeaway from this exercise?

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    Notes from today’s lesson

    5 steps I need to take in getting started and finding success in Network Marketing.

    1. Reconnect and clarify my reasons why I have taken on the challenge of             building a successful Network Marketing business. 
       The one phrase I would use to describe my why is “Financial Freedom”.

    2. Set a 90 day goal to accomplish what I want and focus my attention on it.

    3. Set a time allocated for work towards your goals.

    4. Focus on the big three

    #1 Talking to new people about my business.

    #2 Following up with the people I make contact with.

    #3 Help with getting my new people started.

    5. Find someone to guild and coach me, someone that can teach me how to         
    achieve success in Network Marketing too. 

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