Success Lesson: 13 – 3-5 Year Game Plan to Success

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In this video, Dale will guide you through creating an effective 3-5 year game plan for Network Marketing Success.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.  


When will you feel like you have “made it” in Network Marketing?

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    Dale’s time and money chart shows us that this is not a get rich quick scheme it is a process that is probably the best way to get rich and that’s get rich slow Understand this process and that will be the fastest way for you to attain financial success

  2. Kevin.Owens

    You know that you have made it in Network Marketing when you are able to earn income residual income that is consistent. This is when you have mastered the 5 Core Systems and your Leadership is duplicating many levels deep into your organization.


    Loved the chart and what the other 2 people said. And the way they said it made me think of losing weight. Always have heard the slower you lose it the longer you will keep it off because to me you are learning a new life style. And with network marketing you are also learning a new life style also.


    When i reach founders platinum, earning ten thousand per month. Having many strong legs in my growing organization.


    The chart Dale drew looked linear. From my experience, building to Diamond, I believe the actual curve to be exponential. The money income growth actually increases each month as your team builds. Over the first month and year, your income grows slower than you want, but if you just stick it out, it accelerates to the point where it will amaze you.

    Also, investing the extra money when the income hits a level where you can live off of it could save you in tough times in case your MLM income disappears. Stranger things have happened. So, don’t just buy toys and expect your income to keep increasing. Smart people (or at least experienced ones) will bank the extra money for rainy days. Really smart ones will learn to live off the interest of the investments so their lifestyle doesn’t depend at all on the MLM income.


    Totally agree with Dale! And I just started…


    I will know I made it in network marketing when I don’t need the commission checks anymore to live a comfortable life as I will be living that comfortable life off of my investments instead.


    I know when I have made it when the people I partner with also have made it when they begin.


    The chart Dale showed is very true! Work very hard from the beginning, as the year goes by and you work toward your goal, – the pendulum will change!


    I will feel like I’ve made it in NM when my income pays for EVERY expense, need, investment and desire of my life that money can buy.


    It will be great in a few years to have more money left in the month to invest.


    Absolutely! Again, I say it just makes sense!

    The ‘time/money chart’ is awesome!


    My magic number is $50,000 per month in income consistently. When I hit that number, I’ve made it in network marketing

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