Success Lesson: 130 – Goal Setting by Shane Moran

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Visualizing your goals each and every day.
Visualizing is the key. You have to have too many goals, rather than too few. With all of those goals, you must Visualize the success of those goals in advance.



Start today, by Visualizing the goals you are achieving.

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    Notes from today’s lesson

    The key is visualization when you close your eyes and imagine yourself already experiencing your goal when something magical happens.

    I must develop a personal goal setting system.

    Closing my eyes is the stage of my imagination.I must close my eyes and see myself on that stage of my imagination.

    Visualization is seeing myself already having it.

    I should always have too many goals and not too few.

    No matter how many goals I have, I must visualize myself already achieving them. I must develop the habit of visualizing daily and get in the habit of expecting what I want to happen. 

    Allow myself to feel what it will be like when I reach my goal.

    On a personal note 5/29/21 will mark the fifth year that I have been meditating daily.

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