Success Lesson: 133 – The 3 Guiding Principles of the Victory Book by Shane Moran

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The 3 p’s
Goals must be

> Personal – Start with I

> Present tense -I have…

> Positive 100%



Take your first 25 goals and apply the 3 guiding principles as you state them in your Victory Goals book.

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    Notes from today’s lesson

    Today’s lesson was on goal setting and how important it is.

    We have already talked about from past lessons, visualizing your goals, setting and achieving those goals and tracking your success.

    Use the 3 P’s Of Goal Setting

    1. Make your goals “Personal” always start with word I
    2. When writing my goals I must always write them in the “Present Tense” as if I     have already accomplished them.
    3. I must keep my goals “Positive” 100% of the time and always phrase my            goals as if I have done it already.

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