Success Lesson: 135 – More On Self Confidence by Shane Moran

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These 3 words will have an immediate impact on your life…..
> “I Like Myself”
> Say these 3 words over and over as you are developing the next
> 21-day habit and watch what happens to you!



If you want to make a real impact on your family, teach these 3 words to your children as a 21-day habit and watch what happens to your family!

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  1. Mary Jane Humes

    I like myself!


    Notes from today’s lesson  

    Shane Moran’s book is called Victories and it is about setting and achieving personal goals.

    It’s about visualizing your goals each and everyday and about how to set goals.

    We talked about how to track your progress and the 3 guiding principles that will help develop self esteem.

    It is all about your own self confidence.

    I must practice saying these three words “I Like Myself” on a daily basis.

    This will have an immediateimpact on my self confidence.

    For the next 21 days I will repeat to myself over and over that ” I Like Myself”.

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