Success Lesson: 136 – Team Building From Beyond The Products

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Your past does not matter.
Choices, Times and business training have changed



What are the secrets to Beyond The Products?

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    Notes from today’s lesson

    Today was about secrets to building a successful Network Marketing Team.

    1. Make your business people centered rather than product centered this is           about relationship building and not about just selling products.
    2. Lead rather than manage your team to inspire them.
    3. You must build fast that will create momentum balance and take your               business to a higher level.
    4. Prioritize my time or I may be too distracted to reach my goals.
    5. Say focus on my WHY this will keep me motivated during the tough times.
    6. I must get out of my comfort zone or I will never reach the higher levels.
    7. Transform my fears into confident action so I don’t get stuck
    8. Practice prospecting in a way that I can find builders and not just customers.
    9. Follow up with my prospects and team using automated tools
    10.I must understand how I get paid and how to maximize my income.
    11.I must pick my Network Marketing Company carefully to make sure all the          right pieces are in place per past 27% lessons I must make sure that all 5       factors are perfect.
    12. Make it fun finding like minded people along my Network Marketing journey.

    I must and will keep my WHY always in front of me. This will help me stay focused….     

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