Success Lesson: 14 – Finding Your Purpose

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In order to achieve your purpose, you must FIND your purpose. This video will guide you through finding your purpose and creating an environment to achieve your purpose.



Why is there not much competition for entrepreneurs?

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    Rita Comments are spot on pay attention this is a wise woman


    Because everybody doesn’t want it as much as you do


    a lot of people don’t have a purpose of desire to know what they want. So as Rita says they just step aside for the ones that know what they want.


    I agree that quite often, passion develops as you do the work and build towards your goals. It’s a lot of fun helping others become success. The journey is most of the fun, even though it may not always seem that way.

    If you are trying to figure out your life purpose, I’d recommend a book I read 25 years ago called, “Even eagles need a push” by David McNally. Pick up used (like new) copy on Amazon and fill in the blank lines. Yes, WRITE IN THE BOOK. It helped me discover my life purpose. When you know YOUR life purpose, every decision you make will be easier.




    The world steps aside for those who know what they want.


    Illumination – that is the key. When something gets clear to you; certainty on what you want; then you can build that passion and that can be your mission too. Being certain is very important!


    The pain will push you, until the vision pulls you. This quote of believe that most people to will not try to do something due to the pain of loss or perceived failure. When a locus of focus will create a path that most cannot see and they will join you because of you and your vision and direction.


    There is not much competition for entrepreneurs because most people don’t know what they want and are standing around waiting for someone to tell them what to do.
    Entrepreneurs have a purpose & passion & gumption and know what they want. They go get it!


    I believe 100% in this model! It’s so incredible to FINALLY (at almost 50 years of age!) to acknowledge the business/career I am passionate about!


    Unfortunately there are not a lot of people out there that are driven to be successful

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