Success Lesson: 15 – Overcoming Obstacles

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In this video, Tony Dungy will tell you what it takes to be an overcomer in life. By following a few timeless tips, you can become the achiever of your goals.



What is the importance of character in becoming an overcomer?

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    Tony explains how simply he achieves his goals that’s powerful


    Persistence and Perserverence


    God first and ever else will be adeed


    God first and look at what the outcome can be not where I am now.


    I love it! Thank you so much Tony!


    God first, Family second and Career third.


    Overcomer! I like that term. I believe I am on overcomer too! Obstacles are challenges, but that where your character plays here. It is whether you stop then there are obstacles, or continue working, never stopping, be persistent, apply tenacity, find solutions to the problem or obstacle. I have realized there is solution to any problem or obstacle.


    Believe and knowing where your are going and how you deal with the obstacles that determines who you are and what you will accomplish. When you focus that energy with intent with other people it then becomes what we accomplish together.


    I like this lesson because I am definitely an overcomer.
    I’ve had cancer twice – one I will never heal from because there is no cure. It is only manageable. In between those diagnoses, I have had other major health issues and near-death experiences. One might be prone to think I’d be afraid to live or would be a hypochondriac, but instead, I’ve gotten to a place where I am excited about my life. I am truly joyful and happy because every day that I wake up, I get to master myself – my mind, in particular. When before all this stuff occurred, I was severely depressed and now I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. I overcame and am still overcoming.

    I started in network marketing being a failure. 16 years later I am back in the arena learning what I did wrong before and am moving at the pace of a tortoise. People watching me still think I’m failing, but I don’t. I think I’m winning and changing the inner me to emerge as the winner me.


    Agree! Think back to the ‘why’ – 20 reasons then top 3. You may falter along the way but keep going and the big picture will be realised.


    Character helps in your growth as a person…

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