Success Lesson: 16 – Self-Talk

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This video will show you how to break the hard-wired, learned behaviors that are holding you back from success.



What is an internal “self-talk” that you need to eliminate in order to achieve the success you deserve?

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    Shad is the master of self talk and improving your mind set he is a great teacher Look up what he has to offer here at the network marketing magazine


    The self talk you need to eliminate is negivite things and a lot that we heard as
    younger people.


    Absolutely right Macy! I’m just really surprised based upon how parts of my life went and that my mom and her mother (until I started dating a black man)didn’t try to direct my thinking the way many of my contemporaries were taught. I knew where my heart and mind were and it wasn’t my fault in that’s how I felt.


    So where can I access self talk to listen to? Thank you!


    I first read Shad’s book in the 90’s and was intrigued enough to buy his books and “cassette tape” course. LOL. I know for some, self-talk can make a huge difference. For me, I find it forced and not as effective. I’m probably doing it wrong. I guess I just find it easier to ignore the “can’t do it” voices in my head and just keep moving forward.


    I look in the mirror and do self talk throughout the day.


    Self-talk is very effective. Others may not know it or are aware of its benefits, but we do it most of the time. I like this idea; have been doing this for some time now. I read a book or choose a favorite topic, then I talk to myself silently if I want it to change me – for the better – or improve me. Unconsciously, our brain is rewired, and start to believe that, it is working! Maybe, add one more superpower to our brain?


    Self believe, self worth, self determination, self development, self empowerment self actualization creates engrained selflessness that is known, understood and within to be shared with others to create the process for the all who you connect to share in the same. I am getting better and better everyday in everyway! Thank you to who is reading this right now and you are doing this right now.


    The self-talk that may be holding me back from the success I want is that potential customers (strangers) won’t buy from me. But I know that’s not correct because I see myself as successful already. I see myself accepting recognition and awards of some kind that denotes I have succeeded.


    Motivation gets you started – habit keeps you going!

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