Success Lesson: 17 – Cancel/Cancel Technique

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Watch Dale explain how to eliminate negativity in order to create the space in your life to believe in your own success and create the life you deserve.



What is the negativity you need to eliminate?

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    Details approach using the words cancel cancel is a powerful way to move you mind said from the negative to the positive to see incredible results use it try it and watch what happens


    The Negativity that I need to Eliminate is having Negative Thoughts!!


    Cancel Cancel!


    I really like this one. I am doing better on negative thoughts. But now that I have heard this I bet I will catch myself more of saying negative thought because of the cancel/cancel. I think it will make me listen to myself more. Thanks for this lesson, Dale. I know one of my worse negivitive thought was I can’t get anyone to sign up. Now I can say cancel/cancel I am getting a lot of sign-ups.


    Working towards your goal not away from what you don’t don’t want. Negativity is constant. Cancel Cancel!


    I never had that problem as I’ve always been a positive thinker. Once in a blue moon I might have a negative thought and then I realize that I’m being like my mom (she always had negative things to say) and that’s why most of my adult life I’ve tuned her out. I had to tune her back in when we (my dad and I) had to put her into a nursing home. And once my dad was killed in 2013 I had to help my brother more so with her until she passed in Jan. ’19. My brother has always tended to be like my my mom and I’ve always been more like my dad (that’s why I loved hanging out with him so much)! I had intended to stop all contact with my brother after mom passed (which hasn’t happened) but I do try to keep it limited (so as not to get me thinking negatively). What is spoken about in this video comes easily to me!


    Wow! This is good. I am working towards making $10,000/month.


    I like this. I’ve heard people saying, “cancel, cancel” before but didn’t realize where it came from. It is like one of my favorite things to tell someone when they say, “I need to do this”. I recommend replacing with “I GET to do this”. Reframing a scarcity-driven statement that is usually a “burdon” with an abundance-based statement that is usually associated with something you look forward to.


    I’m basically positive, always have been and people really dislike me for it. Something recently was planted in my thoughts – someone said my goals are to high for me to achieve.

    1. Mary Jane Humes

      Cancel cancel. You are working toward your high goals!


    I have a positive mindset, yet at times negative thought comes creeping in me. I like this Cancel/Cancel technique!! I used to say (still am) something like this to myself something. Like, “no, that can’t be,” “It will change.” etc. “Cancel” is an easy word to remember and it has a positive effect! Thank you for the new technique!


    Understanding that doubt that creates the fear in myself is what people can sense is also the same experience. Recognizing this in me and changing the mental barrier and replacing it has given me tremendous insight and personal growth. Cancel/Cancel the bad and creating the good is a powerful technique for change and it is working for me.


    The negativity I need to eliminate is the belief that no one will help me, that I have to do it all on my own even if I don’t know what I’m doing… I gotta be the one to figure it all out BY MYSELF. Cancel/Cancel!! There ARE people willing and waiting to help me. It is in their best interest to do so and they will!


    A very wise man by the name of George Madiou reminded me that it is very easy to change what I ‘don’t want’ to what I DO want!

    For example, “I don’t want to have to ask to take a holiday”.

    Change to: “I love being able to take a holiday with my family whenever I want!”


    The negativity that I need to eliminate…..I can’t create wealth

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