Success Lesson: 18 – An MLM Legend On Perseverance

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Watch Mary Kay teach you the power of perseverance and how to set yourself apart as an achiever.



How can you apply the Success Principle of Persistence in your business today?

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    What a legend Mary Kay Ash is. She was an inspiration to women when women were not starting their own business. She gave hope and possibility. I love her quote passion is the seed of greatness.

  2. George Madiou

    Mary Kay was one of the true leaders in t8he network marketing industry she is someone that it would pay for you to look up and read and listen more about how she built a phenomenal company

    1. Mary Jane Humes

      I love Mary Kay Ash! She is such an inspiration. Thank you


    Keep on keeping on. Anything worth having is worth working for. Dream it, Do it.


    Persistence is easy for me and consistence as well! So just keep what you are doing along those lines every day and it will pay off!


    A bunch of truisms.


    Never give up


    To build together and never give up, never surrender and help those along the way. This is what success is made of. Inspiring and an absolute truth.


    Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity are all interrelated. All aim to achieve progress and success. I have applied all these three wisdom. They have power none can deny.


    I believe I have been on a great path for quite a while already as far as the wonderful things I put into my mind. I know that what I feed my mind is the most important thing I can do for myself because it is THAT which will get me through the toughest times. It already has. I am in the midst of physical challenges that slow my down physically, but while my body may be a hindrance, my mind is still going and soaring. I persist because I realize that if I don’t stop, eventually my body is going to heal and no longer be the thing that stops me and evverything else will be ready to catapult me forward, upward. I want to see just how high I will go by persisting in my growth!


    You can do anything you really want to accomplish and determined to dream it and to do it.


    Anything worth having is worth working for!

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