Success Lesson: 19 – Take Your 20 Reasons to the Next Level

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In this video, Dale takes you step-by-step on how to refine your success focus and utilize neuroscience to ingrain success into your daily life.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.  


What is the first picture you will post on your vision board? Describe it it in as much detail as you can. What you can conceive, you can believe, you can achieve.

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    All the trainings so far have been awesome! The vision board is such an important step in the process. I am taking my top 20 and making a vision board!

  2. George Madiou

    Go ahead do the exercise do a vision board dream big and put it on the board and watch what happens


    My 1st picture on my Vision Board would be My Debt Free 7 Bedroom 8 bathroom home!!!


    well I tried my best to put the picture on here as I will my vision board. I know most people want a house. Not me I have owned my share and the responbility. I want a 2020 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited in a deep Marsala Metallic Chrome edition. (Red) I did my drivers test for it last year. Got my license because that is all I could afford of my dream. But my can am is coming soon.


    This might seem kind of stupid to some of you but I had to put my last cat down in 2012 at almost 21 yrs of age. So my thing would be to get a kitten again (since I live alone). I’m partial to male cats and both of the ones I’ve had in my life(the 1st one when I was a child of 10) just to have something I can care for and will return my love would be what I want right now. Altho I’ve been single since ’96 and I would love to have a man in my life again eventually.


      My first goal is to retire my husband!


    Vision boards… I have a love hate relationship with them. I always stuggle to come up with things to put on them. Interestingly, though, back in the mid 90’s I was talked into creating a vision board. So, I reluctanctly found a cork board and placed it in the hallway of my garage at the top of the stairs. I would walk by it every day and see the things one it… thinking to my self, “yeah, right.. lol” 10 years later, I moved out of that townhouse and when I was cleaning the place up, I removed that board from the wall and laughingly looked at it… thinking “what a waste of time…” until I notice that 1. got had bought the airplane, 2. had a successful business, 3. was in great health, and 2. found the girl of my dreams (and married her) — which is why I was moving out… All of these things were on my vision board with no clear solution at the time. This stuff works… But I still stuggle of what to put on the board. Why? Because I struggle with believing something will come true without a guarantee. Dumb, huh? 🙂 Go make a vision board. What have you got to lose except an hour or two. P.S. It doesn’t have to be fancy — even a piece of cardboard with pictures on it will do for starters.


      I should proof-read what I comment before hitting “post comment” lol
      #1 — I had bought the airplane,
      One final P.S. That was 16 years ago. I sold the plane, am still in great health, and have an even more successful business in a totally different world… and, oh yeah… I’m still married to my bride for almost 17 years. I tell her…”You’re my first, my only, and my last” 🙂 Vision boards work.


    I believe in the vision Board. I have one in my office-for our business together.. I will make a new one for my business/mission I am putting into action. Vision Board is very helpful, have a vision board, look at it every day, every so often – A great reminder and inspiration for your WHY!


    The vision is the same, the board has now changed to the digital format and within the mind.


    I don’t have a physical vision board, but I will create one. The number 1 thing I desire which has changed for me within the past 2 months used to be the house I designed in my head in the 80s. I can still see it and have actually been trying to get it finished using my 3D software, but I have not completed it. Well, now, my #1 goal is to walk the stage at an event of the new company I joined 2 months ago. There are several hurdles I must clear in order for that to happen: 1) I have to get to where I actually CAN walk. Having been diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and having radiation & chemo in through both hips have rendered my nerves nearly destroyed. I have graduated over time from a rolator walker to a single cane, but when I walk the stage, I want to need no assistance at all. I want full strength in my entire body, head to toe. 2) I have to become a winner in this company. Right now today, I have not even earned a significant commission check. It is my dream to be a phenomenal network marketer, 1000% worthy of being called a Phenomenal Lady leader. 3) I want to train on mental science, the power of and how-tos of thinking rightly in order to manifest what one wants in life. I want to be a MASTER at these things.


    For years I have been doing vision boards and teach others how to do them. I have a main one for my 5 year vision and then I do quarterly vision boards in January, April, July and October. The main thing that is important about vison boards is to have a picture of yourself in the center of the vision board. If you want a new car go to the dealership and take a pic of yourself in the car you want. Put it on your vision board. I also cut out pics and words to put on my vision boards from magazines. Put your vision board in a place were you will see it several times a day. Mine is above my desk where I work.


    Mine is a Tesla model X


    My wife and I went to look at an Audi Q8….we want it! That’s our dream vehicle. I’m putting it on my vision board

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