Success Lesson: 2 – How Successful People Think

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Many times people see the “overnight success” of an individual but they don’t see the years of hard work it took to become successful. This video will give you insight to the mindset of how to be truly successful.



What is one thing you can do to develop the work ethic it takes to achieve success?

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    Success equals an everyday commitment to work hard and smart. Keep learning with this awesome training system!


      You are an inspiration Debbie

    2. Shane Rodgers

      I viewed the video on Feb 23, 2021. I believe in my work ethic. I have been able to push myself as an employee to work as hard as I want to do what I wanted to do. I always tried to work hard and provide a credible work product. I need to learn how to work smarter and remain working hard. I like the state that we dont achieve things by accident. I like the quote If you dont pay the price for success, you’ll pay the price for failure. Also at the end during the advertisement To want to be successful is not enough. For me I need to develop my belief that I can achieve large goals. Higher than I know or feel that I am used to. If I say I want to make 1 million dollars I have no experience with that but I do know that I had to do both in work and over time to create a 100 thousand dollar a year salary. I want to learn to think bigger and believe that I can and deserve to work to achieve the bigger goals.

  2. Kevin.Owens

    It takes a lot of practice to get good in Network Marketing. Your list of 100 names in the beginning is for practice. Your going to be bad before your good and good before your great!

  3. Kevin.Owens

    It takes a lot of practice to get good in Network Marketing. Your list of 100 names in the beginning is for practice. Your going to be bad before your good and good before your great! To develop the work ethic then setting goals and writing them down will help with setting the goals.


      You’re right Kevin perseverance is the key keep going!

  4. George Madiou

    Dream Big & don’t quit!


    In the face of fatigue and disappointment, constantly refocus on your why?
    Share one more time. Make one more call.Remind yourself of what getting your goal will mean for you and your family. Fan the dream!


    Make a habit of doing the little things every day that seem not to make any significant difference because they WILL make a difference over time!


    Set your goals.Set high goal. Shoot for the stars. Have a basic rutine. Keep on keeping on. These are some of the things I know I need to really work on. Have a vision.


    Create a schedule and stick to it


    Consistency and Persistence. Daily hustle. Do the basics everyday.


    Consistence and Perseverance are the keys! And I know that I have them. I’m good at what I do in network marketing. I’ve been told that I’m better than that but I don’t like to toot my own horn.


    By taking time everyday to commit to this training program, I hope to develop the habits I need to be successful!


    Where you are in your life is the product of all of the big and little decisions you make, moment to moment. They all matter! Decide to do the little steps of the 27% system EVERY DAY… even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll be waaay further ahead in life than if you don’t.


    The one thing I would do to develop this work ethic is to consistently work smart and hard everyday on my dream by setting goals and taking action to achieve those goals.


      I agree, completely… even when you don’t feel like it! 🙂


    You have your dream. set your goals. NOW DO the ACTION!!


    Achievement is knowing you have to put in the time to see your results which equals to your success in life.


    I like getting clear on my goals.


    Once again, and probably always, I feel the need to leave a detailed comment. Can’t help it. I’m a natural writer (unprofessional, unpaid) and I’m not known for brevity. Much of this is just me journaling what’s inside me, but it just may inspire someone like me if ever they are to read it.

    I dream of being a top business owner within my chosen company and having a large team. That was NOT what I saw for myself 7 weeks ago when I got back into network marketing. But there has been a major major shift within me. It seems to have happened overnight. I think it is my God & Creator whom I pray to almost every time I am just thinking about things. I have so very much to be grateful for and finding an opportunity that adds LIFE to my life, being so in love with it that I go to bed smiling about it, can hardly sleep for thinking about it, dream about it when I do sleep, and am eager to do something in relation to it, well, it causes me great joy. That cause for joy is what is so important to me.

    You see, I am currently battling cancer of the blood and other major health challenges. This is not new. What IS relatively new is how I view life now. I am an avid reader and love to learn. It is what I feed my mind every day that brings me joy. There are far far too many people suffering in body & spirit from physical diseases which attribute to suffering from depressing thoughts and loss of hope and joy. Because I do not suffer in those ways – although I certainly have in the distant past – I want to give what I have inside, share the wonderful news of how fantastic life can feel when the mind is renewed.

    When before, 7 weeks ago when I reentered the network marketing arena, I did not see myself walking or having the energy to build my business the way I see other women in my company doing who experience high sales & recruiting numbers. I am at the bottom right now. But I had a vision of myself doing what I formerly thought I could not do. Though I love the network marketing business model, I actually dreaded even the thought of prospecting to market my product and recruit team members. Now I can’t think of doing anything but that. I am learning something that was never ever spoken to me about in my former NM companies and though I loved the service and the company I last entered, I quit because all I saw was myself bleeding money. I saw people coming in and going out almost as fast. The #1 reason why I stayed for 6 years even though I didn’t make a lot of money, was because of the group I was in made personal development & reading an important part of the business. And even though I prized that aspect most of all, it wasn’t until I faded away that I learned something that had the biggest impact on me. It was finding Dr. Ron R. Mueller’s website about tax savings for home-based business owners! That wonderful man changed everything about my thinking on being a network marketer. Had I known then what I know now, I never would have quit before. I still cn’t figure out why no one, none of the business owners who’d been in it for years earning good money, never said a word that probably would have kept their recruits inside the business.

    THAT is what I want to do to be different for my team. There are so many ways I want to be successful and help others be successful and that is why I’m here at TNMM. I want to learn from winners! And I want to share all the great things inside me and couple it with the knowledge this magazine shares. I am going to insist to my team that they join the 27% to learn how to think and how to win. I want to encourage them to do what was never done for or with me. I am eternally grateful for TNMM. I see myself and my future in a completely different, much brighter light now.


    Consistency and never quitting even with obstacles, they are learning experiences to get you to the top.


    Its a new year! I am going back to the beginning and reinforcing all the great trainings again!
    The great thing about this system is you can go back and relearn and reinforce at any time.
    It was created for all the entrepreneurs to gain success in Network Marketing. Awesome system!
    See you on the board!


    We think they are ‘stars’ – Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt … – we think ‘it’ (ie: success) comes easily to them! How? If Serena and Roger didn’t train hard hour after hour, day after day, week after week, year after year – making sacrifices – would they be the success we see? How many tennis players never make “it”? Thousands, Millions. Why??? Because they quit! They don’t have a clear vision and they don’t do the work to get there!


    The one thing I can do to develop the work ethic needed is to put some daily disciplines in place and track my performance in those key performance indicators. For instance, to be a successful Network Marketer, I know I need to expose at least 25 people per day to my opportunity or product. This is an activity I have full control of. Well I need to measure that activity daily.

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