Success Lesson: 21 – How to Make a Vision Board

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This video will show you how to make a vision board, both a traditional and digital board. If you want success and you truly believe you can achieve it, you need to follow these crucial steps and create your own vision board.



What is the second picture on your Vision Board? Describe in as much detail as possible.

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    Excellent example of how to make a vision board. I really liked her idea of using a journal to create the person you are now and the future you. Awesome!


    My Dream Home 7Bedroom 8 Bathrooms Swimming Pool outside and inside!!!! Debt Free Home!!!


    My first dream is of being out of debt. The second one is a can-am. I did my training class for my license last June. AND PASSED.
    That is as far as I know what I want.


    Sparks some ideas. Hmmm… Second thing on the board… You’re going to make me think of the first thing, huh?
    Okay…. Number 2 on the list: custom log home. Been spending some time looking at them and was surprised and the lower-than-expected costs! I’ve ordered a brochure!


    I have a picture of two people giving each other a high five. The words are We are debt free! Underneath is our names, Joe and Mary Jane. Then I have a Bible verse, Romans 13:8b “Owe no man anything.”


    Time to update my vision board – well- really update!


    When the vision is clear, the goal is set and success is just a few efforts away. I see a group of people coming together creating shared success and then everyone is sharing in life and abundance. I see many friends, subscribers, followers that all are on a winning streak and no one is left behind and we all have the essentials of life without struggle or hustle.


      So blessed to be a part of your team.


    I envision living independently, financially secure in my own place, and being physically able to be alone. I envision a beautiful apartment building and my beautiful 2 bedroom apartment within that building. One of the bedrooms is my home office, large enough to be divided into 2 spaces for my 2 separate businesses.


    My 3 month current vision board is based mainly on health. Healthy eating and fit body. Also on my vision board is my volunteer goals, learning goals and financial goals.


    Traveling to Dubai is my biggest bucket list item. first class will be even better.


    Beautifully renovated home


    Bg house on a lake. I’ve always dreamed of walking out to my backyard and having the ability to fish in a lake

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