Success Lesson: 23 – Thinking Bigger

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Follow Kenyatta and Dame Dash discuss visualization and the importance of creating vision boards.



Describe your feelings of bliss when you accomplish all the items on your vision board.

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    When I accomplish all on my vision board I will be so excited that I will make another one with higher goals.


    Thinking Bigger is better than thinking small. I know when you hope for bigger success, bigger success comes true. Think Big and Bigger! Anybody can dream and think of bigger success! Anybody!!!


    BelIeve in you. The bigger the dream the more energy will flow and will attract you to the path of success and when this dream includes other people you will achieve more success because success is nothing if not shared.


    I feel bliss in knowing that I have accomplished EVERYTHING I desire. It’s a feeling that my heart is soaring, I can hardly catch my breath, I am so happy. I look up toward heaven and cannot keep the smile from my face, Thank You, Father!
    I feel like my feet are not touching the ground because I am floating yet, I am firmly planted. I feel blanketed in God’s love and warmth. I look back mentally and think how easy it all was. It was done unto me as I believed and I believed it was easy to grow large and profitable teams in my 2 businesses. I grew, members on my teams grew exponentially because we believed in God’s promises and the instructions of Christ. We carried the kingdom of heaven within each of us and we showed people how to do it to live the lives they dreamed about.


    It will bring me great happiness seeing handicapped children riding horses on the ranch. Their smiles and giggles are contagious.

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