Success Lesson: 24 – How to Get What You Want

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Listen to Jim Rohn give you 3 key steps to achieving ANY goal and understand the Law of Attraction and it’s role in the universe.



After being broke at 25 years old, how did Jim Rohn move forward in his life and achieve success?

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    I watched this twice! Don’t miss it!


    I loved every single minute!


    Today marks the end of my 1st month with TNMM I am looking forward to the comment I made to improving myself…


      Congrats Robert! You are doing so Awesome!


    Debbie I also watched it twice. It was so good and so needed for myself. I am also watching for the changes I make in myself in the next 26 lessons.


    I am starting to work HARE on MYSELF! Thank you!




    YES, JIM ROHN is correct! Become VALUABLE every day! Work on your self! This is why I believe in personal development. Without this, how would someone become valuable where success comes to you!


    To create more valUe, understand yourself and self worth and continually development yourself and others will see value in you. Of course!


    Jim Rohn began working on himself harder than he had been working on his job. He began practicing personal development and went from being broke to becoming a millionaire! This is what I must do – putting into practice the personal development I have been taking in for so many years. There really is NO reason why I am not a multi-millionaire today other than not having truly changed the right things that kept me stuck.


    Jim Rohn at age 25 was advised to work harder on himself (rather than working harder on his job like he was) to develop himself, thus creating more value in himself. He became a more valuable person to the company.


    What are the you focus on expands. What a great concept to focus on increasing your value !

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