Success Lesson: 25 – Winners Mindset

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This video will show you how have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. Are you willing to make changes to make the life you deserve?



What themes have you found about the mindset that all successful self-made people have?

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    Kobe Bryant continues to be an inspiration to us all. Do not let the past define your future. Keep educating yourself to be your very best.


    Kobe Bryant is such a inspiration. How he went and talked to other basketball players like Jordan and learned from others. How he set his mind in the games. Like don’t talk to him.


    Successful self-made people concentrate, always work to be better; develop their skills, serious about what they do; do what needed to be done!


    The challenge is knowing that adjustments in the mind and simple steps can create a path when worked on to achieve success, they become fascinated with studying the change, finding other leaders to mirror, to learn form, to learn from. Then create their own influence and opinion for themselves, no matter what, decide, act and do. Successful people do not complain, they find a way to overcome obstacles and hold nothing back when focused on achievement of that goal. Never give up, never give in, never surrender. RIP Kobe and all who lost their lives. To be the Greatest of all time (GOAT) seek out and find GOATs.


    Never take the easy route. Best yourself. Study the greats and find out what they do and model them. Never let obstacles define you. Hard sacrifices will have to be made during the time you’re growing and strengthening your craft, but don’t get to th end of your life regretting what you didn’t do. Do it and have pride in how great you became.


    Successful people are focused, never give up, self evaluate, improve, self educate themselves, learn from their challenges, and always look forward as their past does not define their future.

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