Success Lesson: 3 – The 1 thing only 1% of people do

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Wanting to be successful and working hard to be successful are very different.  Watch this video to get inspiration to move from wanting success to doing what it takes to be successful.  



What separates the 1% mentioned in this video from everyone else?

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    Loved making the first hour of every day to make a positive change.
    Read,work out and plan. Be Self disciplined


      I need to learn everything I can to self discipline and do it in the morning 1st. hr. and at night last hour.

    2. Shane Rodgers

      The separation between the 1% and others is that they do the work, and believe in their goals and the process they complete in order to achieve their goals. Looking at separation 99 percent of the people will not do what it takes to make their dreams come true. The one percent will what needs to be done. A strong discipline needs to be created to have success.

  2. George Madiou

    When we know what we want and we know what it takes to get it, there are no short cuts. Self-discipline does not come from anyone but me. As Nike says, Just Do It, every day even when others would skip those hard days.

  3. Kevin.Owens

    What separates the 1% is that they now how to control their mind. Learning to control your thoughts and what goes into your mind is what separate’s them as well. Reprogramming your mind is a key to changing it.


    First the 1% are self aware. They can look at things objectively, and do so regularly.They are also willing to learn and evolve! These are traits I am looking to continually improve in myself and to help others learn.


    Self-disciple. I like the part about the Pizza. I want to lose weight but never thought of doing it thru my mindset.


    I have a commitment to myself, and this platform will help me streamline my discipline and achieve my goals


    Self discipline. The ability to create a daily routine and get things done.


    The part about not having the food item in your home hits home with me. If I can just stop buying them then I would be healthier and happier. I was doing it for awhile back in 2012 – 2016. I won’t say here what I was doing but I didn’t have the cravings for those items so I wasn’t buying them.


    Suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Choose wisely.
    Get hooked a day at a time!


    Self discipline is a very powerful thing. I look forward to making heathy choices in the future that will benefit me and in return my family.


    This one really rings true for me. I get to stop looking at my phone when I wake up in the morning. I know I’ll gain an extra hour each day to do what REALLY matters. Great insite.


    Self discipline is what separates the 1% from everyone else. My biggest take aways from this video are – 1. Set up your environment to win. 2.The character trait needed to get things done in a systematic way is discipline. 3. Streamline and micromanage the 1st hour of your day and the last hour of your day, where it is habitual, you don’t even have to think about it. This is the time of day when you have the most impact.


    The determination comes from understanding the commitment and creating a plan that guide you through the discipline for success.


    Discipline applied to many aspects of our lives and business – show the focus and determination to be successful and get to where we want to be. Discipline is at times, hard to follow, but disciplining our mind and the thoughts it creates – makes a big difference. BE Disciplined!!


    The first hour of the day and the last hour of the day… and discipline for yourself. Excellent! Nothing good gets accomplished without some sort of discipline.


    I loved this!
    The first thing I do every morning is pray before I even get out of bed. I love waking up and talking to my Creator to start my day. After which I read in bed while having my morning coffee. It’s my “ME” time. If I don’t start my days this way, I feel horrible, irritable. I read always on the subject of mental science… thinking rightly according to universal spiritual laws or anything to do with personal development. I don’t have a team yet in my network marketing business and I know that I cannot make people do anything, but it is my prayer that I will ONLY recruit people who will value programmming their minds for creating a dfferent life if they are unhappy or unsatisfied. Nothing good happens if it does not come first as an idea in the mind and a desire to move in the right direction. Discipline is the key.


    What separates the 1% is self discipline. Stay focused and reroute when needed. What I mean by this is a few times I was going after a goal, using a route to obtain my goal when I hit not a road block per say nor an obstacle, but let’s say a door I opened slightly and then realized it was not the door I wanted to step into – like being a woman and start opening the men’s room door instead of the ladies room door.

    I have certain standards and principles I live by, one example is not working on Sunday and not having others work on Sunday. Do I really want to walk through a door that is going to go against my standards and principles. Absolutely not. I just find a different avenue to achieve my goal.


    Self discipline and keeping my eyes on the big picture are key to my success. Can not be distracted by little bumps in the road


    I need to improve my daily behavior with self-disciplined action to get me to the success I desire in life.

    1. 27 Percenter Coach

      Thanks for sharing Remalti! Mindset is the cornerstone to success.


    Top 1%

    Self discipline = self love!

    My favourite: Discipline now so you don’t regret later. Aligns to NLP Cause and Effect concept.


    The 1% take action. They put the necessary discipline in place to make success happen. They don’t leave anything to chance or luck.. Nothing happens in their life by accident. They are creators of their futures

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