Success Lesson: 31 – Top 10 Business Prospects

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Follow Dale as he diagrams how to grow your business, increase revenue and find the RIGHT people to help you launch your business.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.  


How many dots do you have in your Top 50?

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    I love this business building exercise how Dale scrubs his list in relation to what they do. Its a powerful lesson.

  2. Mary Jane Humes

    This is very good. I like how Dale makes things so simple and doable.


    Connecting the dots to create a picture of success the lines your are creating, knowing scaling takes strategic planning, focused intent, subjective data and understanding how we are all connected and knowing self worth and the values, skills and attributes of others in your life. Networking means bringing evening everyone together.


    Make the grade.


    I think I will have 4 people with enough dots to qualify as potential members of my team.

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