Success Lesson: 38 – Guerrilla Marketing

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What Is Guerrilla Marketing? A Rare Interview with Jay Conrad Levinson



Who responds to Marketing and Advertising?

What exactly is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing is going after conventional goals using conventional means. Guerrilla Marketing is the truth made fascinating. And you know that ordinarily marketing is not the truth …nor is it fascinating.

Guerrilla Marketing is your chance to help your prospects succeed at whatever their goals are whether to is to earn more money, build a larger company, to lower their golf score…

Guerrilla Marketing, if you do it right, is a circle when you have the blessed patronage of repeat and referral business.

It’s the art of getting people to change their minds but if it doesn’t show a profit it really isn’t Guerrilla Marketing

Your prime investment is time, energy, imagination and information

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    Today they shared with me the most outrageous Guerrilla Marketing idea I have ever seen using drop cards. This outrageous idea is just to open my mind to what it takes to get my message in front of as many people as possible. He ordered 5000 drops card, got some sandwich bags, put some rocks in the bags with a drop card drove around tossing them in people’s yards. The point is it might piss some people off but you don’t care. He did make a point that “Guerrilla Marketing” is not for everyone.


    wow Robert you got stuff out of this I didn’t I really didn’t even understand it. I think I must of done a different lesson not sure. But I really do like the way they wrote down what was said in the video. Some times I have a hard time understanding what they said.


    Oooh, time, energy, imagination & information! I got those!
    Tell me more about how to put it all together to make profits.

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