Success Lesson: 4 – Life-Changing Advice From the Most Successful People on the Planet

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Success is not always easy, what separates the highly successful from the mediocre and the unsuccessful is found in this video. Do you have the heart, the drive and the passion to be the best?



What drives you to be the best you can be?

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    Awesome training. Don’t let people steal your dreams.


      Debbie that’s the reason why you are a champion


    Debbie that’s the reason why you are a champion

  3. Kevin.Owens

    What drives me is the process of becoming I Am!! In other words becoming who I was born to be.


    That giving less than my best is to surrender my gifts. Because I don’t want to regret my lack of action / inaction.


    I think right now my bills and lack of money is movating me right now. I am progressing but not there yet. I hate to say this but at one time I was at the point I thought I was literly crazy. But the only thing that saved me from convincing myself is the fact that UPS would allow me to drive their vechicles and
    deliver packages. And then I knew and trusted me enough to drive their equipment I must not be too crazy.


    To get married.


    Back in 1979 I listened to my grandmother but I knew where my heat was. I didn’t try to argue with her as I knew it was a lost cause due to her generation and that of my mother’s. My dad was great but he was there to keep his wife happy and if it meant listening to his mother-in-law and making me unhappy then he had to do it. It broke my heart at the time and I don’t blame my dad.


    I meant heart. Sorry.


    My husband and son drive me to be the best I can be. I want to be a better role modle for my son each day I wake up and continue to run a loving home with my husband. Living my dreams and continuing to have self growth each day will be an excellent contributing factor to me being the best I can be.


    Scarcity vs. abundance thinking… Believe in yourself and that you can achieve what you want. You want it? Go get it. There is no shortage of money or talent in this world. I’m excited for you. Now, get to work! Yup, me too. I’m busy building my next biz and loving the challenge.


    I want to achieve the goal that I set for myself.


    What drives me to be the best that I can be is the Holy Spirit reminding me that I am an example to a whole lot of people as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.


    We all start at the bottom to reach the top. All of these people reached success through tenacity, perseverance, adversity and dedication. To become a ? star, you must start.


    Challenges? Ha! I grew up with challenges, and I still do. Challenges push me to be more courageous! Bring them on!


    I alone is responsible for changing me.


    Belief in yourself despite what the world tells you about yourself, blocking all the Negativity and focus on the Positive.
    It’s All about doing what makes you(I am) happy!


    Belief in yourself despite what the world tells you about yourself, blocking all the Negativity and focus on the Positive.
    It is All about doing what makes you (I am) happy!


    What drives me to be the best I can be is having high standards for the quality of work I put out. I want my work, the things I do to show obvious signs that I care and want to be the best. If I don’t feel that I can do something very well, I don’t like to do it at all. But I cannot continue that way. I have to try and fail until I get it nailed. I have to move at least a bit ahead, getting better and better until I am the best that I can be. I must challenge myself.


    No one should stand in my way. I will stand on my own to strive and direct myself to become who I want to become.


    Don’t let my dreams go by learning what I am best at and hustle.


    What drives me to be the best that I can be is me not giving up on creating habits that support me being my best


    What drives me? My ‘why’ – to be there for my family and ‘do life’ on my terms! AND to prove the haters wrong!


    I’ve been through a lot and have lost a lot. I’ve survived 3 heart attacks! Knowing that lets me believe that I’m here for a reason. I know I will be the first millionaire in my family

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