Success Lesson: 49 – 10 Habits of Successful People

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This video will cover the 10 habits that successful people exhibit that help them rise above mediocrity and become their best selves.



How can you set yourself up to win?

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    If you’re truly looking for success my suggestion is that you review this lesson these 10 points once a week and start applying them one at a time

  2. Kevin.Owens

    In the Network Marketing Industry you can set yourself up to win, first by subscribing the Network Marketing Magazine!! Set yourself up a daily routing in the morning. Follow some great mentors throughout the day. Plug into a system that’s been proven and time tested. Putting your dreams in front of you and visualizing those dreams throughout the day. Subscribe to the MLM Training Club by Dale Calvert is vitally important!!!


    Follow the steps of other Successful Peoples!!!


    I have to be honest this lesson has been a hard one on me. I have had trouble thinking big. I’ve never been a dreamer and never imagianed much of any thing.But I a planning on before I finish this 27%er system I will have changed all that. I love what said. Thanks for everyone’s comments.


    Have a powerful morning routine.


    Take responsibility and be in the present. Don’t look back. Do what you love and never work a day in your life! Love it! Hooked on training!


    Set goals, 10 habits. I’m not going to type them here. But the number 1 is set your goals. Take responsibility of your fallbacks and failure don’t blame. Read something or listen to something motivational daily. Which is what I need to do. If you do what you love you will not work a day in your life.


    10 Habits of Successful People are

    1) They Set Goals!
    2) They Take Responsibility for their Life.
    3) They have Great Self Discipline.


    10 Habits of Successful People are

    1) They Set Goals!
    2) They Take Responsibility for their Life.
    3) They have Great Self Discipline.
    4) They are Obsessed with Self Development.
    5) They Read… A LOT!
    6) They Manage their Time Well.
    7) They Take Risks.
    8) They Keep Going When they Suffer Failure and Setbacks.
    9) They Find a Way to Win.
    10) They Do What They Love.


    I think the lesson is mirroring those that will elevate you to where you will be, is to achieve success, success is shared and following guidelines will focus your intent and your goals will be realized. Thank you.


    I Must Set Goals!
    I Take Responsibility for My Life. ☑️
    I Must Have Great Self Discipline.
    I Am Obsessed with Self Development. ☑️
    I Read… A LOT! ☑️
    I Must Manage My Time Well.
    I Should Take Risks. ☑️
    I Must Keep Going When I Suffer Failure and Setbacks.
    I Must Find a Way to Win.
    Do What I They Love.☑️

    I realize that I already do half of these things. When I incorporate the other half, I will find myself in the place I desire to be – SUCCESSFUL!!


      How can I make this work? What can I learn from this and what can I do better? Who do I need to connect to? What do I need do to achieve my and goal and realize the importance of my shared success?


    Success is different things to different people. Success is different for each of us and changes over time. What success meant to me as a new mother many years ago, is different for me today as my goals have changed and increased. You are never too old to be a dreamer who sets goals and then puts them into action.

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