Success Lesson: 54 – Facebook Marketing Strategies

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In this session Dale will share with you effective Facebook marketing strategies and a boosting post strategy.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.


What is the value of choosing a specific audiences to boost your Facebook post?

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    What is the value of choosing a specific audience to boost your Facebook post?  
    Targeted advertising is very important when using FB advertising. I want to get my target audiences to around 50 thousand. We looked over Dale’s shoulder to see how he does his targeted FB marketing. Keep my budget to around $1.00 a day for 10 days to start. 


    The value of choosing a specific audience is that I get to reach people who may already prequalify for what I’m marketing. I get to be as specific as Facebook allows which is VERY. I choose the demographic, location, age range, sex and even the income range of people I want to market to rather than making a post and HOPING the people who see it will be interested. Targeting my audience gives me a better chance of successfully marketing products/services and building a team – depending on my purpose.

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