Success Lesson: 56 – Launch Your Business Using Your Smart Phone

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How can you do that?

  1. Your smartphone contains a powerful list of people you
    already know.
  2. Send everyone in your phone’s database a short text
  3. Hi Mary, would you do me a favor? I’ve started a new
    business and I’m looking for people that I can help. This might
    not be for you, but if you would watch this short video and let me
    know who comes to mind, you will be helping me to help more
    people. Thanks so much, George
  4. This works if your video is about product sales or you are
    looking for business builders
  5. It’s as simple as that. Try it and watch the results!



Commit to sending out at least 10 text messages each day.

Keep a daily record and go back and record the results of this business building activity.

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    The lesson today is to use our address book on or smart phone and text the friends that I am starting a business and ask for their help to help you expand your business. I am committing to do at least 10 contacts per day.


    I love this idea and appreciate the script. I will commit to doing this!

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