Success Lesson: 59 – Online Lead Generation Wrap Up

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Month five wrap up video.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.


What are the most meaningful techniques you have learned during this month’s content that you will implement into your business?

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    The main thing I got out of this lesson is that social media is good but you can’t build a business 100% but social media. Other things to do is Safelist, Craig’s list, and other things.


    “Meaningful techniques”?
    Well, if you (the people who have already made it as successful network marketers say that everything taught here is a piece of the success puzzle, I will believe that and do what is taught. Personally, though, I think that the most meaningful thing taught is MINDSET. I am the kind of person who feels that it does not matter what a person “does” but how he THINKS, what he IS that is most meaningful. I believe that if my thought process, my energy, my spirit is negative… if I believe that nothing I do will ever make a positive difference
    in my business, then no matter what I do as an action will make a positive difference. Thank God I don’t hold that kind of attitude anymore, but that I have grown from that negative belief over the past years. But today I absolutely believe what I have said is true. So, I’m anxious to see how my attitude affects my business as I go on DO-ing and using he techniques taught.

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