Success Lesson: 6 – You are the Creator

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Our internal dialogue can many times dictate our external experiences, self-fulfilling prophecies. If you can conceive and believe, you will achieve. This video will guide you through the mindset of success.



What are the common themes you see from successful people?

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    You are what you think about.
    Where you are today in life is because of the decisions that you’ve made.
    You have to see yourself in that position in order for it to happen.
    Spend time in your vision and your goals everyday.
    Write down your goals daily.


    You are what you can imagine what you are. You are what you think you can be. Imagine big receive big.


    If you can imagine it, YOU can make it real!


    T – Thoughts
    F – Feelings
    A – Actions
    R – Results


    Prakash thank you for sharing! Your results are directly related to your thoughts and actions.


    I’ve always been good at imagining things. That’s why ever since I can remember I’ve had trouble in going to sleep at night. My imagination is constantly running. And it’s usually good things!


    Plant the right kind of seeds because at some point you’re going to eat that fruit.

    Propheysing success

    Actions are in alignment with what I say I believe

    The attainment of your ideal is absolutely inevitable


    It may seem impossible from where you are right now… and it is… if that’s what you believe. But… if you believe you can get to where you want to be, and then work hard and ignore the naysayers, you can get wherever you want to go.

    I used to struggle with this because I looked at from logic… When I came from the heart, everything changed. Diamond became a reality because I didn’t listen to my logic. Guess what I listened to…

    And I helped a few people by believing in them and what they could achieve. so, if you struggle with belief, talk to someone in your upline and ask if they believe in you. They will. Use that to fuel your “why” until you are successful. (Then thank them profusely afterwards!)


    I have a goal…. I just have not accessed it quite yet.


    The dreamers are the believers are the conceivers are the achievers. I have found that going for it and doing it makes it happen. Positive affirmations, quotes, mantras, prayer, meditation create manifestation and sharing the success and giving it away is the outcome the continues the process.


    Be positive, Stay positive. Stay on the course of your desire – the desire that will get you to where you want to be. Act on your dreams! NOW is always the right time. yesterday might be a mistake but NOW is not yesterday. NOW is the best to start! One step at a time will move you forward to your dreams! Talk positively to yourself!! Act as if! Act as if you are what you want be ALREADY!


    This is EXACTLY the thing I feed my mind on a daily basis. I have been a student of mental science – the laws of believing, the spiabout thisritual laws of the universe – for many years. It takes a long, long time to change a subconscious belief and deep-seated feelings. You must be diligent and mindful of what words you speak in the quiet, secret place of your mind. What feeling you attach to certain thoughts RULE YOU, like a God… or a devil. Feeling is the secret. “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled” as Wayne Dyer says in this video. He spoke the words of his mentor and mine – Neville Goddard. I love this audio so much because it is the teachings that literally saved my life. I cannot say enough good things about it or express how IMPORTANT what is taught is. Thank you! Thank you!


    Mindset equals mind power



    The Common theme I see from successful people is they believe and know in their heart that they will be successful even before the reality of it has manifested and they move as if it is already done.


    So true. I have two degrees – a Bachelor of Business and an MBA. I was a guest on a podcast recently and was asked whether I regretted going to university. I responded by saying “No” because I don’t believe in regretting anything in life, however, I 100% know I have learnt more from self education and modelling successful people than any university degree could teach me.

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