Success Lesson: 64 – COURAGE

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In this training Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan will share insights into Courage, and the illusion of getting there so you can coast.



Have you noticed that expanding your Comfort Zone keeps your mind focused?

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    Courage actually keeps you younger. If you are like 40 and have made it where you were heading and think you don’t have to be courageous any longer then you start to age. Courage is a constant companion of the entrepreneur who are learning to grow. Courage should frighten and excite you at the same time.


    I truly love that Dan Sullivan has said that in his 70s, far, far more courage is required for his future than the past he has already lived, but he is looking forward to his future. Oh man… that has created a warmth and a stir of excitement in my heart… for him AND for myself. I’m in my late 50s and I can honestly say that these recent years have been the BEST and most, uh… expansive of my entire life despite, and most likely BECAUSE OF what threatened my life – cancer. I’ve just had a change of view, a major mental shift from the day I received the diagnosis. I decided that it was something major that I was going to walk THROUGH, that it was not going to take my life, and more than that has happened. It GAVE me life!


    I am so enjoying being courageous!

    1. 27 Percenter Coach

      Thanks for sharing Catherine! Its a great feeling!

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