Success Lesson: 65 – It is Hard Until It’s Not

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In this training Dale will share the absolute truth regarding the network marketing business model and the path leadership takes to build a business they are proud of.


 ***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.


Looking back have the activities necessary to build a network marketing team becoming clearer?

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    Teaching is in the word but learning is in the silence. Network marketing is the hardest business model in the world until it’s not. Hardest things getting out of your box ( your comfort zone) talking to people, learning how to communicate with people, how to teach people. Etc


      That’s exactly what struck me most, too…


    Teaching is in the words, but learning is in the silence! Ohhh, how that hits me in my soft spot. Yes, who knew that network marketing was so hard yet so rewarding?
    I think of it like what someone said – it’s a personal development program (?) with a compensation plan attached to it. Now that I remember that quote I heard somewhere, I’m thinking that THAT is the network marketing company I should be in – a personal development MLM, since THAT is the thing I value most and has made THE greatest positive difference in my life, more than any product or service I have ever tried to sell & succeed in. I won’t quit my product MLM, but if nothing hinders me from joining a PD MLM, I will, if it’s what I think it is.


    I love teaching and learning while earning!

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