Success Lesson: 7 – Law of Attraction

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This video will challenge your preconceived notions of how to focus your mindset to be successful. Look for the steps Jim Carrey took in order to create a laserlike focus on success.



If you were going to write yourself a commission check for 1 month to work towards your dreams, how much would your check be?

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    Visualization is essential to your success mind set.


    We are ALWAYS visualizing whether we realize it or not! Most of the time it’s unconscious! The CONSCIOUS visualizing is what changes things!


    If I was going to write myself a check it would be at least $500,000.




    Do It Now!


    Ten Thousand Ringgit per cheque.


    You are always visualizing whether you are aware of it or not.
    Visualize what you want not what you don’t want.


    Although I have achieved more than I had expected, I always struggled with this concept. I know it must be true, but I tend to be more in my head. I’m very logical. So, I tend to not believe it UNTIL it has happened.

    My advice to others who also struggle with this is to talk upline until you find someone who believes in you and your success and just use that until you achieve it. I did this and it helped a ton! And, I help downline in the same way when they can’t see how or if they’ll get there.

    In the end, you’ll be happy you did the work. Did I mention you have to work? 🙂 Yup, you do.


    I want to make $10,000/month, minimum, every month.


    The minimum I am currently work at is $10,000 per month from Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing.


    The more money I have the more money I have to share. I am able to see $83333.33/month from multiple sources on a continuous basis.


    My check would be $50,000 a month, every month.


    This is the very thing I post about every single day on my FB page. I always sharing what I learn through mental science and universal spiritual law because it actually saved my life on more than one occasion. For me, though, making that concrete internal shift of belief has been a long, long journey. I don’t suppose I am very different from most people but I had some deep-seated harmful programming growing up, being taught from childhood that if I did not think and behave in a certain way, that I would have to die. I believed that. It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I even dared think & believe in a way that served me well.

    Now, this kind of life-altering information is practically all I take in.
    I would add one thing to what Jim & Oprah spoke about. In addition to thinking and believing, we must FEEL as if that which we desire is ALREADY ours. Feeling is the secret.


    Oh! How much would my commission check be for 1 month? $40,000 and not less than that over subsequent months. Why that amount?
    Well, I just witnessed a young lady – very young compared to me – do that in the business I just joined. And considering I have not ever made even $1000 in one month, that amount seems attainable. Although there does not have to be a precedent set before I can do as I desire, for now, for today that is what I desire to achieve.


    It is great to dream big so I will write my check for a million dollars for a month of service rendered. It take a belief and strong work ethic to make it happen. I will give it 10 years to become reality.


    My check would be for $50,000 for the month 🙂


    Holy Sh*t! I LOVE THIS!!!! He visualised, and he FELT IT! BUT he also took action! This is the stuff I live for!


    I LOVE THIS!!!! He visualised, and he FELT IT! BUT he also took action! This is the stuff I live for!


    I would write myself a check for $1,000,000

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