Success Lesson: 70 – Prospecting For People Who Are In The Looking Zone

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Identify the problems that your company’s products can solve.

Identify where you can be of value.

Understand three things about your prospects.

Do they have a problem?

Are they aware of their problems?

Are they looking for a solution?



What problems do your company’s products solve? Where do you find the people who have those problems?

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    With the money train the company saves their students from losing their down line. Mostly find the people in networking groups.


    This particular lesson makes me know that although I love the product I sell, it is NOT the business that anyone really needs. It’s not a serious problem that it solves, which is a big part of the reason I joined, but at the same time, the ideal customer is women with disposable funds. How do I target those people? Aha, now that I write that, I gave myself the idea to Google exactly that – how to target or find those women for my business. I don’t have them as customers now.

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