Success Lesson: 71 – Life Advice from Denzil Washington

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In these inspiring clips, actor Denzil Washington share true Wisdom of the Ages Success Principles.



How have hardships in your life made you stronger?

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    I think my biggest hard ship I have had is raising my two boys without their dad. He walked out on us and I was working part time. I would of never thought I could have done it. Actually at one time when things were good I told the boys dad, “If ever anything happens you will get the kids. You are so good with them” But let me tell you when push came to shove I figured out how to take care of my boys. Thanks be to God, my boys are now grown and Christians. I believe we are all stronger for what we went thru.


    Oh, God! So many quotables in this video (and I did post most with credit to Denzel).

    The hardest period of my life has been from December 2017 til now – January 2021. But I would not trade it for anything because of what I got out of it during this journey. I was diagnosed with cancer but was determined when treatments began that I was not going to be a victim but a VICTOR! I intentionally, purposefully poured goodness into my mind and spirit and grew stronger & stronger, not in my body – because I still struggle from the effects of chemo & radiation, but in my mind & spirit, which are more valuable to me than anything. I know that if I was flat on my back and miserable that there would be no life in me worth living. But because of what I fill myself with, I am truly joyful and excited about life. When I wake up every morning, I swear, even before I open my eyes, I am expressing gratitude to God, my Father, for ALL that He helps me be, all that I endure. It’s no lie or exaggeration that I cannot count my blessings in the midst of all my physical hardships. I actually feel like I have far, far more than some people with other kinds of success. My hardships have shown me what success is – a joyful spirit, peace within, and the ability to be happy with myself no matter what.


    Excellent inspirational video!

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