Success Lesson: 73 – The Daily Rituals Of A Champion

Daily Inspiration


A lot of attention is been focused over the past few years in traditional business circles around the topic of MORNING ROUTINES  & MANAGING DAILY ROUTINES. In this video you will get practical, usable advice from personal development legend Denis Waitley.



What daily rituals can you institute today and how can you make sure that you keep doing them?

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    1. Wake up to uplifting music forget about the alarm clock the clock means              danger the music means inspiration 
    2. Next get your heart up or relax with exercise or meditation
    3. After you shower and get dressed list one or two of the most important thing        that I want to accomplish today
    4. Put fuel in the tank by eating a healthy high powered breakfastDon’t waste the first hour of your day by replying to or reading your emails, do not read the paper or turn the TV on.

    It may be too negative for the first thing you do in the morning…        


    I love what I do as a morning ritual and though I love Denis Waitley’s suggestion, I cannot have music first thing in the morning. I have to talk to God and read a book that fills my mind with the goodness of spiritual law and how the use of my mind and thoughts creates my beautiful existence. I do need to become waaaay better at feuling my body early with good food. I rarely eat breakfast before 11am though I get up as early as 5am sometimes. And I don’t list what I’m going to do. I just do whatever until I get tired of it and move onto something else. I go back & forth. Yes, I have a focus/concentration problem. So meditation as a practice would help me because my mind races (even during prayer). So, yes, I could adopt good habits for sure!

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