Success Lesson: 75 – Wisdom of the Ages Insights

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This clip from Tulsa’s Channel 8 Good Day Show is packed with wisdom of the ages insights, that many 27% Success Members have internalized and living daily.



What about this interview with Dr. Shad Helmster  connected  with you the most?

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    What Dr. Shad is what I need more of. A mentor, better goals, and being more positive.


    Having positive people around you is the thing that resonated with me most about what Mr. Helmstetter said. At the time I was diagnosed with cancer, already trying to speak positivity to 2 very negative online friends, and being an empath myself, I quickly realized that after YEARS of dealing with these people, I would have to let them go. I cared too much (if you can understand that) about holding the hands and giving everything I could to these people when they were not trying to grow as hard as I was trying to help them grow. Having cancer, one’s energy & stress are the MOST important aspects to watch if wellness is the goal. Both of those people in my life talked about suicide when I talked about how to LIVE. Neither of them sought professional help and seemed content with unloading onto me daily since I always had a caring, listening ear. That no longer worked for me. Had I not ended contact with them, I would not have gotten through cancer and lived. So, yes indeed, haing positive people around is vital, even if as it was for me, positive people came in the form of books and videos on spiritual law & empowerment.


    A long time ago I realized That I could not have negative people around me that zapped my energy. One specific time I was traveling with 2 friends, 1 male and 1 female. The female was extremely negative while we were driving. When we stopped at a rest area, We got out and again she started with her negativity. I stepped back put my arm out and said “I do not allow negativity in my space. If you do not stop, I will find a ride back home.” (We were about an hour and half from home). She looked at our male friend and asked “She’s not serious is she?” Our male friend replied “Yes she is very serious!” The rest of the trip our female friend would change her words each time she found herself being negative – like It’s so hot to That light breeze is refreshing, LOL.

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