Success Lesson: 76 – This Marketing Message Works Every Time

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We all want to write marketing messages that sell,
but that can be a difficult task.
Donald Miller walks through what elements every
good marketing message should have.



How can you clearly share your offering in only 2 or 3 ideas

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    We all want to write marketing messages that sell, but that can be a difficult task

    1. What is the problem that my product or service solves?
    2. How does my product or service solve that problem?

    When writing my ads be sure to idenfiy a problem and what I have to offer that will solve that problem this is a one two punch that works everytime.


    Ideas of what to write. Only 2 ideas. 1. That is the problem that you solve?
    2. How do you solve that problem?
    The solution should be your product or service.
    This is the one two punch. Too many things the brain can’t take in and hold on to.


    My product is so simple that yes, I can indeed share my offer in 1 idea. Problem for me is that it is not a necessity, and during this pandemic, my target market would be women with disposable funds who would welcome doing something for themselves that they currently have others do for them. I have not reached those people yet in my marketing efforts. But I must if I am going to stay in this business (with this particular product).


    When Donald Miller spoke about having clarity instead of being cute or clever I had to agree. Reading marketing materials that presents a number of ideas is not good. You need to capture people’s attention within the first 5-7 seconds. Presenting the problem first and then offering the solution is clarity.

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