Success Lesson: 77 – Helping you get Mentally Tough

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One of the biggest problems in business is fear of rejection.

Many of us have an addiction, and that is the approval of other people.

The secret though is to overcome this addiction by overcoming the word NO.



What is an example of linear thinking in your life?

Can you give an example of a non-linear thinking example in your life?

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    Steve Siebold says developing mental toughness is the key Most of us have an addiction to caring about what other people think. That causes most of us to stop asking people to buy because of our fear of rejection.Most world class salespeople have a secret, they overcome this fear by systemic desentizing themselves  Here is how it works over time they desentize themselves to hearing the word No. When you can desensitize yourself to hearing the word No it can be like magic. When you can start seeing selling as a game you no longer associate emotional pain with hearing the word No. When that happens you start asking everyone. Making yourself very rich! 


    Steve Siebold says our biggest problems in business is fear of rejection. We hav an addiction of the approval of people. The secret of over coming the addiction is by overcoming the word “No”. They secret is called systemic desensitized to the word “No”. When you desensitized yourself then the word no is like magic. Then you talk to everyone and get rich.


    Ok, so maybe I’m having brain fog because I am not 100% clear on what linear thinking is. Is it NOT thinking outside the box? Not knowing what to do when someone says NO as opposed to only knowing the linear, straight, 1-2-3 steps to YES?

    Linear thinking in my life, or my business was being naive BEFORE I got involved in thinking that it would be the easiest thing ever, a complete no-brainer to market to women who already use the product I market, just in a different form, who already love to spend money to beautify themselves, and love to save money at the same time. Well, nothing has been further from the truth (in my business) and my linear thinking has gotten me in trouble and caused disappointment.


    Selling as a game is an artful and fun way of looking at it. I have used that in the past, but not in a very long time. I need to get back to “the game”.

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