Success Lesson: 78 – How I Got 64 NEW Customers in 1 Month

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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Network

Here is the break down the entire process used to generate over 350 leads, sign up 64 customers, & become the #1 rep in all over North America in Customer Acquisition Sherri Brown’s very first month.



What is the very first thing that you should do to employ this strategy?

Are you going to employ this strategy that you chose as your first choice?

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    Today’s subject was the breakdown of the entire process used to generate over 350 leads, sign up 64 customers, & how she became the #1 rep in Customer Acquisition her very first month. This lesson was on Facebook marketing and how Sherri Brown’s used FB without spending any money on advertising. The main thing she did was to get people involved in her journey. She sold a weight loss product. Without sharing her link she made videos about the success she was having. She also shared several ways in which she had people contacting her for more information about her product and requesting her link…


    Today’s video was Sherri Brown telling how she got 64 customers I her first month. And how she became the #1 rep in Customer Acquisition that first month. Sherri did Facebook without buying ads. She just told her story and never put her link out on Facebook.she also did live videos. She called it Attraction Marketing.


    The very first thing I did as I watched this video was go to YouTube and find the exact video there so that I could see the links she mentioned here and how she did what.

    I do not yet know how I can make this work for my particular product. I do know that I can create no mystery as to what I sell because there is only 1 or 2 other such companies with my company being the #1 and most well-known in this industry.
    I hate t say this and put it out there in the universe, but more & more I am feeling like I’m in the wrong business, no matter how much I love it. Then again, I know because of the things I study about mental science that it is MY OWN thoughts that create what is or is not part of my experience, the success or lack of it in my business. I guess I’m just frustrated with myself because I KNOW all that I say about being in the wrong business, not having success, etc. is 100% my own fault. However much success I have had personally (tons), I have not tranferred it over professionally.

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