Success Lesson: 8 – 7 Steps to Achieving your Goals

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There is a systematic approach to achieving goals, if you care about something or desire to achieve something bad enough, then watch this video and learn the steps to achieving your goals.



Why are you doing this business?

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    I’m doing this business to create a long term residual income that can be passed on for generations.

  2. George Madiou

    These 7 steps are a perfect guide for any goal that we want to accomplish! Thanks Zig!


    I am in my business to make residual income and help others to do the same. Also to learn more about internet marketing.


    I am doing this business to attain financial freedom for myself and family.


    Excellent Zig! these steps are critical to attaining any goal! Get hooked on becoming the best you!


    I’m doing this business for residual income and to be able to pass that income down to to my family that’s here and to future generations.


    I would love to create residual income!


    Boy, this one hits home. I get a lot done… an immense amount, actually. But, sometimes I struggle with getting the most important of the tasks done. I’ve been “trying” to get a blog post, email, and lead magnet done for over a month. It would take me only a few hours to do it. Yet, it doesn’t get done.

    Okay, right now, I’ll outline the work to be done, and tomorrow I will do it! And then it will be done. 🙂


      FYI, I finally did get to the blog post. Got 3000 words. More than enough for 2 or 3 blog posts. So, I’m very happy. Tomorrow, I’ll separate them, write the emails and create the lead magnets. Within the next couple of days, I’ll upload and email to the contacts. 🙂
      What about you? Gonna get something done? Write it down, commit to doing it, and make it happen! I’m cheering you on!


    I am doing this business while I become a best selling author.


    I believe I am able to create and will give people a new path. My goal is to create and offer multiple systems and offers to create financial freedom and abundance for any who share with others.

    1.Right it down
    2 Put a date on it
    3.Identify obstacles
    4.Know the people groups who you want to work with.
    5. Find out what you need to know
    6. Develop a plan of
    7. What’s in it for me/them


      Thank you!


    Create income and help others in so many ways. Setting and writing goals are a must – Do Action, NOW


      Every day do something to move you forward.


    I chose network marketing for its business model as I remember what
    J. D. Rockefeller said, “I’d rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts
    than 100% of my own efforts.”
    I am in a situation in life now where that quote MUST apply for me.
    I’ve been stricken with physical challenges where I am unable to
    work as much as I would like to in order to take care of myself and afford
    the cost of living. It’s extremely difficult to have been a workaholic
    with 3 jobs at one time to no jobs at all because of illness & injury. This is my 16th year with no sustainable income but I know the possibilities through network marketing.

    While there could be guilt for thinking that others’ efforts along with some of my own will take care of me, it comforts me greatly that others will be building their own empires and do not have to think about what it will do for me at all. e each will be doing the same for one another!

    I am certainly NOT sitting around waiting for anyone to do anything for me. I, with the limited energy & strength I have work myself to the bone as much as I can do during this pandemic online, from my home. I get very little sleep because of the excitement of my goals within this industry and my company. However, I do lack using the power of the WRITTEN GOAL. I could be making an excuse for myself because I do tend to think I am going to do far far more than I actually do. Much too often my physical circumstances halts my plans and I lean toward depression about it. I must avoid that at all costs in order to stay alive and thrive as I deal with these issues. However, there must be a way for me to stop fearing written goals. Perhaps to not place so much on my plate and be realistic about what I know I can do. But there is no stretching myself in that.

    I have gotten involved here at TNMM and am taking training from 2 social media “experts”. I have a strong desire to do all I can and to be effective in my efforts to help other women become successful & profitable home-based business owners as network marketers.

    The goal is in my head. To get it written down with dates attached is a matter I must pray for help on.


    It is said that life must be designed with a proper goal set to achieve your dreams. I need to write my for the year and beyond today


    to make a passive income of over $10K/month and be able to spend more quality time with my daughter, travel and create my own wealth generating platform


    I’m in network marketing because it just makes sense!


    I’m doing this business to create generational wealth for my family

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