Success Lesson: 81 – Secrets of Successful People

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Everyone, essentially, wants the same thing.
Anyone can do what they want to do.
Why do some people do it and others don’t?



Have you chosen to be successful?

If so, in what way?

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    The key lesson for today was successful people choose to be successful 

    I choose my success everyday that is why I am up early everyday putting the work to be successful as a network marketer I workout 3 to 5 days a week too. 

    So far what I am getting from the 27% system is that I am moving in the right direction for my success.

    As of today I am #1 at AAI #5 at Cash Juice and on several other leaderboards my persistence is paying off 


    First off I want to say congratulations to Robert Rhomes. He is an inspiration to anyone that knows him.
    The lesson today was “One secret of successful people”. Meaning people chose to be successful. Every one of us have things in common. Like we all would like to have a million dollars, we all want a successful marriage, and so on. But we all have to decide to be successful and work on it. It doesn’t just normally come to you. You make a conscious effort to work at it and accomplish it.


    Thank you Macy for the kind words. I did not expect to read that 🙂


    Yes, I have chosen to be successful. However, success for me has not been about money. I come from a background of severe depression from childhood & religious trauma. So what was important to me was to lift myself out of the abyss while maintaining faith. It took 15 years of diligent search & action, but I did it. So in that aspect, I am successful – Yes, I am! My mind & spirit are tremendously important to me and both are in the realm of success as I define it. Now, comes the work in financial & business success. I hope it does not take me 15 years, but I’m on the path now.

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