Success Lesson: 83 – Become a Superstar by Mastering Your Presentation

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Mastering your presentation, will help you achieve your desired business goals’

Most presentations are poor, at best.



How many times have you practiced your presentation?

Are you willing to practice your presentation once a day? How about 10 times a week or more? Keep track in your journal the # of times and grow that # of times that you practice. As you continue to practice,
comment on how it effects your success.

Use the comment area below to share your response…

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    Mastering your presentation, will help you achieve your desired business goals’ 

    Presentations is the heartbeat of business in America today. 

    If I don’t master my presentation skill I can not achieve the goals I have set for myself.

    Presentations can happen anywhere and under many different circumstances. 

    Professionals in all industries practice they craft except sales people so today’s lesson was presented by Presentation Coach Robert King. 

    The message was very interesting. It boils down to when your presentation becomes better you will make more money practice your presentations in today’s marketplace.

    The focus will be less about the product too many products are alike it will be more about your delivery this is what will set you apart.


    I loved this!
    I practiced my presentation ZERO times.
    I don’t even have a verbal presentation. I have no real business, therefore.
    But I am in a company with a product I love. How is it that I have not come up with a presentation? Well, just being honest.
    But I’m done carrying the big “L” for “loser” in my business. That’s nothing to be proud of. So…
    Well, as I look back on the very few sales I have made, I must have made some sort of presentation in order to make those few sales. I need to look back and see what I did that I obviously don’t do enough since I can’t even remember THAT I did it at all.

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